What is the healthiest hair dye?

Hair colouring is experiencing a real revolution. Science has advanced and it is now possible to find, in addition to the traditional chemical dyes, more respectful, natural and safe products. In your country, nine out of ten women dye their hair or have dyed it at some point in their life.

In addition, in 70% of cases, covering gray hair has been the goal, especially after 35 years. Permanent dyes are the most popular, although consumer tastes are changing.

Nowadays, in addition to a covering and long-lasting colour, products with a higher proportion of natural ingredients, less chemicals are being sought, and thus the healthiest hair dye used to be use nowadays. Here are the secrets of all the formulations on the market.

When it comes to acquiring a hair dye and choosing hair dye types, it is important that you evaluate some aspects. Next, the most relevant factors are included that you should consider before buying this product. Thus, you can ensure that you make the appropriate decision, choosing the dye that best suits your needs.

hair colouring

These aspects are:

  • Colour
  • Duration
  • Quality
  • Allergies
  • Hair type
  • Packing


When looking for healthy hair dye for your hair, the first thing to choose is the colour. Currently, the market offers a wide and varied range of colours. There are multiple shades, from the most classic to extraordinary colours. Therefore, it is important that you decide what colour your hair is going to be from now on.


As you well know, it can be distinguished between different types of hair dyes based on the duration of their results. This is another aspect to assess when buying a dye. You must ask yourself what you want to obtain with the colouring and, therefore, what you prefer the durability of the product in question to be. For example, if it is the first time you dye, you may be more interested in a semi-permanent colour.


Like any cosmetic product, it is essential to ensure that it is of optimum quality. A good quality dye offers multiple advantages over a poor quality one. For example, the colouring will look more natural and shiny. In addition, a good dye will be less aggressive with the hair, minimizing its damage.

Hair type

As you can imagine, not all hair is the same and, therefore, they do not have the same needs. Therefore, you have to consider what are the characteristics of the hair, acquiring one dye or another. The decision will depend on several aspects. For example, if you have very damaged hair or if your hair is fine and delicate.

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