Advantages and disadvantages olive oil for curly hair

extra virgin olive oil

Many ingredients that you use to make food on a daily basis are excellent allies of your hair. People already know about rice water, corn-starch, and its benefits, but today the novelty is extra virgin olive oil. It is highly moisturizing, rich in vitamins and helps to keep your scalp healthy, as its fruit also contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal.

In addition, if your hair gets along with the food, you can include it in two stages of your hair schedule: hydrating, mixing with the mask, and moistening. Check the advantages and disadvantages olive oil for curly hair!

Step by step of powerful hydration with olive oil

The recipe is perfect for those with dry, porous hair, without vigour, too armed, due to the lack of movement and shine, but any type of hair can apply. Before starting, wash the locks only with shampoo, preferably in cold water.

Making the mix

1st step: put 2 tablespoons of your hydration mask, 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and 1 tablespoon of liquid keratin in a clean jar.

2nd step: mix the hydration cream, olive oil and keratin well in a small pot.

curly hair

Applying on hair

4th step: apply the mixture strand by strand and let it act for 15 minutes.

5th step: finish by rinsing the wires well with cold water.

Benefits of olive oil in hair care:

High quality olive oil helps to strengthen the roots and significantly reduces the intensity of hair loss. Olive oil has an intense moisturizing effect, which helps to keep the curls nourished and well-groomed.

A high level of antioxidants in its composition protects hair from premature graying. Homemade hair mask with olive oil helps soften dry and coarse hair, restoring its former elasticity (the simplest recipe is to mix olive oil with one or two other oils – coconut, macadamia, avocado, almond, shea).

Thanks to its soothing effect, a scalp massage with olive oil helps with dryness and some skin irritations, including dandruff.

Disadvantages of olive oil in hair care

If a person is not allergic to olive oil, there are no risks associated with using it as a cosmetic hair care treatment.

The owners of thin and greasy curls can feel the only disadvantage, as already mentioned,: after using olive oil, the hair can remain oily and weighted instead of being soft and silky. Aforementioned Pros and Cons of olive oil for natural curls are actually true to be followed and keep in mind.

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