Should your lip liner match your lipstick?


Every woman needs to have at least one lip liner in her makeup bag. Why? Because it is still valid, it optically increases the size of the lips and beautifies the makeup. This season the highlight is the lip liners in nude tones. Let us see what the correct way to use this product is.

It is very important to choose the correct nude shade first. The best way to do it will be to match the colour of this with the colour of your lips. Remember that the right colour of lip liner has to be there and lip liner should not be too dark, as it will make you look older; or it cannot be very clear either, as it does not make it look aesthetic.

In addition, what are the tips from makeup artists? Most of them suggest looking at the tone of the central area of ​​the lip, because its colour is the most pigmented. For this reason, when shopping do not test the colour of the lip liner on your wrist.


Pick some cosmetics for lip makeup, draw lines down the centre of the lip and wait for them to blend in with your lip colour. After a while you will know, which the perfect product is for you.

Are you addicted to red lipstick?

Perfect, because this season the popular cosmetics are going to be dark red too. These also go well with the nude lip liner. If you combine both products, your lips will look optically larger, fuller, and prettier. If you wear a red lip liner? This type of makeup would make you look older.

How is lip liner use?

If accurate makeup is important to you, then you should sharpen the eyeliner. Take the eyeliner and outline the outer contour of the lip. The thickness of the line does not matter – it can be smudged later by mixing it with lipstick or simply wiping off the excess product with a cloth. The cosmetic can easily replace lipstick and provide matte finish lip makeup. If you are not an expert in using lip liner match lipstick, draw dots around the lips and connect them. Now your makeup is done!

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