How to wear bangs with a hat?

good hairstyle

In winter, you cannot do without a warm and stylish hat. However, the main problem for most girls is that some caps spoil the look and many are afraid of looking unattractive.

This use to be particularly true for those who happens to love hair with bangs. Consider how to choose and how to wear a hat, if you have a good hairstyle and wear bangs with a hat.

How to choose?

You can look elegant and attractive in any weather. The main thing happens to be able to select the right clothes and various accessories. Many girls, who love hairstyles with bangs, fearing to spoil their appearance, try to completely abandon various types of hats. However, do not do this. You just have to learn how to choose a headdress. Here are tips to fix bangs for hat.

cute hat

Before favouring a cute hat or beret, consider whether you can wear them with bangs. All kinds of hats are perfect for these types of hairstyles. It is enough to move it slightly towards the back of the head, and your image will be very attractive.

It is possible to choose hotter options, named: tapas. Perfect called beanie hat. Thanks to the headdress with a flap, you can easily hide the short bang, or you can move it slightly towards the back of your head, so that the cap does not spoil the perfect look of your elongated bangs.

For long bangs, various knitted or sports hats are great. However, the owners of short bangs should pay attention to different caps, caps and the like. In the event that you are the owner of unusual bangs, for example, oblique or broken, it is better to give preference to sports models or stylish scarves.


Light fashionable headdresses made of knitwear of various densities are very popular. Owners of long bangs should pay attention to sporty and tight options. In addition, that option that people call “a sock” will perfectly match. This option use to be appropriate for any kind of hairstyle and for any type of person. These hats are very light, comfortable and do not flatten your hair, which is very important.

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