Tips to use castor oil for fast growing eyebrows

There are many reasons why castor oil is called to the rescue so that the only hairs that you dream of seeing grow back appear. For some it is because by dint of having waxed to leave only a very fine shape, the hair weakens and no longer grows back or becomes so thin that it can no longer be seen with the naked eye.

For others it has been so since childhood etc., but not only: the application of this natural oil as a preventive measure is also strongly recommended. Indeed, with age, the density of your hairs weakens, starting with your eyebrows.

Ensuring their sustainability beforehand with castor oil is therefore an initiative that you will never regret. In other words, what is certain is that opting for castor oil can bring you an unexpected outcome.

What you need to know concretely about castor oil and eyebrow growth: multiple virtues. Here are the tips to use castor oil for fast growing eyebrows.

Castor oil and hair growth on your eyebrows can only be made possible when you decide to do real teamwork. We explain:

castor oilCastor oil certainly has super effective beauty and health virtues, but it is not a magic product. In order for the expected result to emerge, it is necessary to combine rigor and patience. Indeed, it is from three or four weeks that your darling little hairs usually start to point the tip of their nose. From two to three months the results of regrowth are clearly visible.

Thanks to whom? With vitamin E simmering in castor oil. This precious vitamin provides the nutrients that your eyebrows need.

The results are made possible because when applied to the bulb where the hairs nestle, castor oil allows increased growth, strengthens and nourishes the eyebrow.

How to best optimize its castor oil application on your eyebrows?

Rule # 1: Have clean skin.

For those who cannot leave their home without wearing makeup, you are the first concerned. For the application of castor oil for eyebrows, it is essential to remove all makeup (pencil, mascara, eye shadow etc.) which would form a screen between the skin and the oil. This is because castor oil is only effective when it goes deep into the skin.

This is also the case for those who like very greasy care creams or masks. The skin around the eyebrows and hair must be completely free of any product.

Rule 2: the scrub, the must in terms of preparation

For the most motivated, opting in your ritual for a scrub before application is the best beauty decision to save time and efficiency. If you already have a habit of doing one or two scrubs a week, it is bingo.

Indeed, the exfoliation helps to remove dead skin and impurities. The attack ground then becomes perfect for castor oil to act effectively and in depth.

Rule 3: The Perfect Times to Apply Castor Oil

The ideal is to apply castor oil in the evening before going to bed and in the morning before putting on makeup!

In terms of gesture, it is the delicacy that is required in order to prevent the small, fragile and fine hairs from tearing off or falling off in the process.

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